FTR saw new heights in their career when they signed with AEW after being released from WWE. FTR enjoyed long title runs with both the ROH and AAA World Tag Team Championships. While it was a great feat to hold both titles and perform on different wrestling promotions each week, it was quite grueling for the tag team.

FTR took a break from wrestling last year in what has been their most intense year. The tag team received the award for the greatest tag team and the greatest feud of 2022 in the observer newsletter awards.

On the latest “FTR” podcast, Dax Harwood discussed the rise and fall of The Pinnacle in AEW with Matt Koon. Despite receiving awards for their performance last year, Harwood believes the company is not appreciative of FTR.

When the awards were announced, AEW congratulated everyone on their awards except FTR. AEW even congratulated The Briscoes, who received the award for greatest feud of 2022, but they left out FTR’s name. When asked whether it rustled a few feathers, Harwood had this to say.


“Yeah, I did feel slighted. I can’t lie. I mean, yeah, it was just because we worked so hard last year. We did, with what I feel was not the best content, not the best effort, to maximize our momentum from last year. I feel we did our best to make everything work, and for them not to acknowledge us, really did hurt me a bit.”

Matt Koon questioned whether the cryptic tweets that Harwood made after receiving the awards were part of a work to make fans think there’s bad blood between FTR and AEW. Harwood corrected Koon by saying that the reactions were all legitimate.

 “No, absolutely not. No, no, absolutely not. No way. I was legitimately a crybaby. I screen-shotted every award that they had posted. I had a feeling we weren’t going to get mentioned because, like I said, we have reached out and said, ‘Hey, we will come back and work until our contracts are up. We’re okay with it. We took a couple months off to let our bodies heal to think about what we wanted to do. So we’ve made it known that we will gladly come back, at the very least, until our contracts are up, or until we can come to some middle ground or not and leave, but I haven’t necessarily heard anything back. I had a feeling they were not very happy with us.”

It remains to be seen when or if FTR will make a comeback to AEW. You can check out the podcast below. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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Talha Asad Iqbal

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