MJF is one of the hottest acts in professional wrestling today. He knows how to get the crowd riled up through his promos. Despite being a heel, he is able to get the crowd hooked on his every word, making him one of the best heels in the business. His heelish nature on and off-screen drew comparisons with another former WWE Superstar.

MJF recently posted a video on Twitter of himself working out. Another fan commented on his tweet with a photo comparing him to former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. This prompted another fan to comment that MJF isn’t racist. The AEW World Champion who is not known to stay away from a controversial topic, and he took this one on.

“Except I’m not a racist. An abuser. A bad promo. A poser. A b**ch. And a drug addict. And an over rated wrestler.”

While Alberto Del Rio may not have openly made any racist remarks, his abusive nature is well documented. Del Rio was accused of aggravated kidnapping/sexual assault by a woman who he was with at the time.


According to the now-retracted accusation, Alberto Del Rio tied the woman’s hands using boxing straps before he began to sexually assault her for several hours using various objects. The investigators say that the woman does not remember much after he tried to choke her.

The charges were dropped after a witness went missing. PW Insider reported at the time that Del Rio’s bond was returned, and the case was officially closed. He was cleared from all criminal liabilities in regard to the case.

Despite MJF’s controversial nature, he isn’t as notorious as Alberto Del Rio making the comparison between himself and Del Rio irrelevant. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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