Keith Lee has been with All Elite Wrestling for just over year at this point, and many fans would say that Lee had a successful first year. Keith Lee has held the AEW World Tag Team Championships for 70 days and has a 7-0 singles record while remaining unbeaten. That being said, the limitless one believes in himself of one day winning a world championship in AEW.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, his former tag team partner, are now engaged in a dispute. Many fans anticipate Lee and Strickland to square off in some way at Sunday’s Revolution pay-per-view, though the business has yet to confirm this.

Despite the fact that he is now dealing with Strickland, The “Limitless” One is aware of his value and is constantly thinking about gold. Although he has won that before in AEW, but Keith Lee now has his sights on the biggest prize in the company.

In recent interview with The Masked Man Show, Keith Lee stated that his ultimate goal is to become AEW’s first black World Champion. Not only that, but Lee also claimed that he wants to be the top guy in the organization.


“Oh, I mean, let’s be honest here. Any place or any time that an individual goes to a company, it doesn’t have to be sports related or physical, When you go somewhere, most people [have goals or ambitions] of being that number one talent, that number one person, that number one mine, whatever it may be. The end goal is obviously to become AEW World Heavyweight Champion, and let’s be honest, I’m really good at making history. I would be [AEW’s first] black World Heavyweight Champion. I’m more than capable of doing that, I’m more than capable of carrying myself in a way that would be fitting and beneficial to a company.”

With a lot of anticipation surrounding him and a large following rooting for his limitless potential, Keith Lee joined AEW in 2022. Keith Lee’s place on the roster appears to have been somewhat forgotten recently, but hopefully, everything might work for the best for him after his recent return to AEW programming.

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