JBL is regarded as one of the finest heels in the WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer recently had a brief stint in the WWE. JBL acted as Baron Corbin’s manager from October 2022 to February of this year. The former WWE Champion severed his association with Corbin as he believed that Corbin lacked the qualifications to work under a manager of his quality. He might have turned a new leaf now, but there was a time when JBL was seen as a world-class bully.

When JBL was in his prime in 2004, he held the WWE Championship for 280 days before being beaten by John Cena at WrestleMania 21. The WWE Hall of Famer has had an illustrious wrestling career and in addition to being a great heel on screen, he had a reputation for being a bully of the locker room.

During his reign as WWE Champion in 2004, fellow wrestler Lance Storm worked for the company as a trainer. That year, JBL almost got into a fight with Storm after the latter made some insulting remarks about JBL during a training session.

During a recent edition of Café de Rene, Rene Dupree revealed that Lance Storm had told the trainees during one training session that JBL is a schmuck. The former WWE Champion somehow got wind of it and went on to confront Storm to the point of almost having a physical scuffle.


“I heard about Lance Storm and Bradshaw almost getting into a fight because Lance Storm basically told his class that Bradshaw was an asshole and then Bradshaw got wind of it probably from Kevin 7even, that f*cking little stooge. And then, yeah, I guess it was at WrestleMania or some sh*t, I guess Bradshaw like confronted Lance.”

After his stint as a trainer in 2004, Lance Storm came out of retirement for a few matches and left WWE in 205. Since then, Storm has come out of retirement many times and wrestled in a few matches. He even worked as a booking manager for the Prairie Wrestling Alliance in 2009. Storm also worked as a producer for WWE from 2019 to 2020 and currently works as a producer for Impact Wrestling.

Thankfully, JBL and Lance Storm didn’t actually throw down, but things can always get heated backstage in WWE. For more stories like this, and everything else going on in the pro wrestling world, keep it tuned here with Ringside News.

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