Madusa saw a WWE Hall of Fame induction as Alundra Blayze, and she hasn’t competed in the ring for a long time. Her last match was in 2018 during the 20-woman battle royal at WWE Evolution, but she apparently hasn’t retired 100% just yet. In fact, she has her eye on who she wants to wrestle in her final match.

Madusa recently spoke with PW Mania about stepping into the ring once again. She said that she would want to be in perfect shape and have a proper buildup to her final match. Taking her old age into account, she spoke about how she would only wrestle in the next year or two.

I do if I was allowed, at least like a couple months of good training. Absolutely. Because it’s not something that I would take lightly. If I were going to dive into a retirement match I would take it serious and I would definitely want you know, a good build up, a little bit of a storyline, not just coming in and doing a one and done.

Maybe they’ll have me show up in a show or something once a couple weeks or whatever, or with WWE doing stuff. So You’re darn straight, and it needs to be it needs to be shouted out. I’m not getting any younger, but I still have it in me. I won’t be at coming back to the ring in my eighties, for a final match. I won’t that’s just my choice. We’re going to do it within the next year or two or just I’m not going to do it. You know, that hey, guess what I and the platform to do it on? It’s WWE TV. So, yeah.


When asked who she would pick as her opponent, Madusa named Rhea Ripley. In fact, she had expressed this sentiment to Rhea Ripley herself when she appeared in the RAW XXX special.

I already called her out. And I was walking past the makeup room whenever I was there for Raw XXX and I walked by I said, “yo girl looking good.” Then I came back and stuck my head and I said, “you’d probably be a pretty good retirement match.” She’s like, “Oh my God. That’s such an honor.” She’s so funny. She’s a wonderful girl, though. Woman. Just amazing. I just say girl or kid because probably like 30 years younger than I am. You know?

Madusa is proud of how far it has come as a pioneer in women’s wrestling. Women stars are getting million-dollar contracts now. Madusa has said in separate interview how she never saw $100k in a year during her run and that she’s happy that female superstars are getting fairly compensated in the ring. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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