Madusa is a WWE Hall of Famer, and she inspired a generation of pro wrestlers after her. She blazed a trail for many more to walk on after her, and it turns out that she did so without really getting paid for her efforts. Now, the veteran is able to look back, and she is happy about the dollars that women are making now, because she certainly didn’t see that in her bank account.

While speaking on “The Angle,” the former three-time WWE Women’s Champion took a walk down memory lane. In the process, Madusa also revealed that she never made $100,000 in a year with her pro wrestling work.

“Now I’m really glad to see finally after all these years the women are getting million-dollar contracts for the first time. In one year, I never made over $100,000 in pro wrestling. And then when I got to WCW, Eric [Bischoff] only gave me $75,000 the first time.”

Madusa was also known as Alundra Blayze in WWE. She started her career in the 1980s, wrestling for various regional promotions before signing with World Championship Wrestling in 1991. Madusa quickly became one of the top female wrestlers in the industry and was known for her high-flying and acrobatic style. She joined the WWF in 1995, and she won the company’s Women’s Championship three times. That last reign was eventually, and quite famously, trashed.


Madusa is perhaps most famous for her appearance on WCW Monday Nitro in December 1995, where she threw the WWF Women’s Championship belt into a trash can live on television. This was a major moment in the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW, as it signaled the intensity of the competition between the two promotions.

In addition to her wrestling career, Madusa has also been involved in various charitable organizations and is a proud advocate for animal rights. She is also a monster truck driver, and has excelled in that field. She continues to be an inspiration to many, and her legacy will live on for generations to come.

We’ll have to see if Madusa ever makes her way back to WWE. If anything, they might owe her a bit of back payment considering everything she’s done for women’s wrestling.

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