Goldberg was one of the biggest WCW Stars to crossover into WWE. The former WCW Champion was often known to squash his opponents in mere seconds, and this helped him get over with the fans. Goldberg’s unstoppable run continued when he debuted in WWE in 2003.

After Goldberg debuted in 2003, it was evident that WWE was hell-bent on pushing him as he laid out everyone he stepped in the ring with. However, there is one squash match that he didn’t want to do.

In June 2003, Goldberg accepted Theodor Long’s 5-Minute White Boy Challenge on Monday Night RAW where he squashed Rodney Mack, who was undefeated at that time, in only 26 seconds.

During a recent interview with the Cafe de Rene podcast, Mack revealed that Bill Goldberg didn’t want to do the squash match.


“I got a chance to work Bill a few times and Bill was actually a cool cat man. The one match that everybody saw when he dropped me out in 10 seconds, he actually didn’t wanna do that match. He actually told me, he’s like, Rodney, don’t do it.’ And I’m like, ‘what?! What do you mean? What am I gonna do?’ And I do it. It’s like yeah but he always stuck up for me the whole time we were out there. I did have a chance to work him on house shows. Not have a match with him but run-ins with him and whatnot and it always was good. Bill was always pretty cool,” he said.

While Goldberg went on to achieve massive success in the company, Rodney Mack’s career fizzled out before it even began. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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