David Hart Smith made his WWE debut in 2007. However, his most famous run in the company came when he teamed with Natalya and Tyson Kidd as part of the Hart Dynasty. He would also win the tag team titles twice. Despite his success, he was released from the company in 2011.

WWE then re-signed David Hart Smith in 2021 and he was set to make his WWE return. However, Smith just wrestled one dark match for the company in July 2021 and was released in November that year without making his televised return.

Fightful Select recently spoke to Smith about making another return to the WWE. The former tag team champion said that he would re-sign only for the money. He also noted that he didn’t believe his heart would be into the content produced by the company.

When asked if he’d re-sign with WWE, he said that if the did, it would only be for the paycheck and doesn’t believe his heart would be into the content they produce. After the last go around, he was glad they paid him well to spend his time getting in shape, but said that doing that also was costly for him. He reiterated that the gimmick WWE had planned for him was the Stampede Stud, which he was actually pretty excited for. He thought his dark matches in the company went well, and he said that Vince McMahon told him he looked good. Smith was supposed to debut for the Smackdown brand before he was fired.


David Smith said that WWE paid him well during his last run but that ultimately proved costly for him. Smith then revealed that WWE planned a new gimmick for him called “Stampede Stud” which was something that excited him.

Smith then revealed that he felt the dark matches were good and Vince thought he looked good. DH Smith was supposed to return to SmackDown prior to his release from the company. However, nothing came to fruition and he was released from the company in the end.

Given David Hart Smith’s recent comments, it looks like he may never return to the WWE again. However, you never say never in this business. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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