Few Indie wrestlers have been able to gain global stardom as The Elite. The group comprising The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega is one of the most popular Indie wrestling acts on the planet. Their popularity helped them sell out the first All In pay-per-view, a joint venture with ROH which paved the way for AEW to be created.

Although The Elite are EVPs in AEW, they are also bound by contracts that are due to expire this year. While a year ago, the possibility of The Elite leaving AEW might have seemed impossible, it is definitely possible now especially after Cody Rhodes left the company last year. After all, WWE is gunning hard to sign The Elite.

Recently, it was reported that WWE is looking to sign major free agent apart from Jay White. This gave way to rumors that WWE could be chasing Kenny Omega whose contract was due to expire in January. Those rumors were squashed when it was later reported that Tony Khan added more time to Omega’s contract to make up for the nine months that he lost due to injury.

In the wake of these rumors, Ric Flair stated on his To Be The Man podcast that The Young Bucks should also make the move from AEW to WWE.


“I hope they do. But if I’m Tony Khan, I got a guy in talent relations saying shut the f*ck up. Really? You think Vince would tolerate [this]? No. I think Tony is becoming so enamoured with the product, like I said to you the other day, and he’s also very enamoured so personally attached to the product, as he is with the football as well. He is not looking at what’s going on? Why are they still talking about CM Punk?”

The Elite have had legal issues with the WWE in the past when the latter sent them a cease and desist letter over the use of the ‘Too Sweet’ trademark. Hence, the possibility of The Young Bucks heading to WWE seems unlikely. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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