WWE and AEW are still in a low-key pro wrestling war, just because they share the same business landscape. Kenny Omega is already a star in pro wrestling, but The Cleaner is about to get an even larger spotlight as his deal with Tony Khan’s company comes to a close.

Kenny Omega had to miss lot of time due to injury, and now Tony Khan is tacking that time onto his contract. WWE could have already signed Omega at this point, but his AEW deal is still intact.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that Kenny Omega is in a “very good position” with his AEW contract running out. This also came after a time when Cody Rhodes jumped to WWE and received a giant push.

If Cody had not gotten over, then they would have said, ‘hey, these AEW guys don’t get over,’ but that didn’t happen either. So, but it’s not, you know, Tony Khan losing Kenny Omega, to me from a perception standpoint would be really, really bad, so I would say that Kenny Omega is in a very good position. I’m not saying today, but whenever that day is, 9 months down the line. Again, we don’t know what’s gonna happen with the TV deal, it may not be negotiated until next year.


WWE obviously proved that they will not squash a talent just because they worked for AEW. Cody Rhodes is proof of that, but there could be more instances coming down the line.

WWE is reportedly “going hard” after AEW stars with expiring contracts. Only time will tell who Triple H is able to sign by the time 2023 is up.

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