The wrestling industry is no stranger to colleagues entering relationships and settling down with their co-workers. While some couples are lucky to be working for the same company, others have to deal with the challenge of performing for rival companies. Malakai Black and Zelina Vega are among the special power couples who previously worked for the same employer but are now employees in rival companies.

Malakai Black signed with WWE in June 2016. He soon became one of the hottest acts in WWE NXT and went on to become the NXT Champion. Black was released by WWE in June 2020 as part of the budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zelina Vega signed with WWE in 2017, having appeared for the company on multiple occasions since 2013. In 2021, Vega transitioned from her managerial role to a full-time in-ring performer.

Malakai Black signed with AEW in July 2021, however, his initial run quickly disappointed the fans. It soon became evident that WWE booked Black much better than AEW. Last year, Black was reported to have asked for his release from Tony Khan’s company, however, his request was allegedly turned down by the management.


Taking to social media, Zelina Vega recently sent out a message of ‘love’ to her husband Malakai Black in AEW. The WWE Superstar wrote:

“Two photos that I didn’t know existed until a couple days ago.. loved this man from day one.. 2017- forever.”

Malakai Black currently serves as the leader of House Of Black in AEW. On the contrary, Zelina Vega is the second-in-command of Legado Del Fantasma in WWE. It remains to be seen if Black and Vega will ever get to work under the same roof again.

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Saptarshi Sinha

Saptarshi Sinha is a pro-wrestling enthusiast and journalist. He has been covering the industry for over five years, providing in-depth analysis and coverage of the latest events and storylines. In addition to his passion for wrestling, Saptarshi also enjoys perfumery, photography, optometry, and gaming in his free time. He is dedicated to bringing his readers the most accurate and engaging content in the world of professional wrestling.

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