WWE is on the road to WrestleMania, but they are doing so without the King of Bros. Matt Riddle was taken off television, so he could deal with some personal issues, and now fans are awaiting his WWE return. They will have to wait a bit longer, because his name isn’t coming up at all in creative meetings.

Matt Riddle was written off television thanks to a brutal attack from Solo Sikoa. That attack is looking more savage by the week, because it did enough damage to keep Matt Riddle off WWE television for a very long time. In reality, he failed a WWE Wellness Policy test in December, and he’s been off television while he attended rehab.

We exclusively reported that WWE has no WrestleMania plan for Matt Riddle. He attended an awards show for the adult film industry in January, but he’s been off the public radar since then.

Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the WWE creative team that Matt Riddle’s name “will not be discussed by creative, until talent relations informs” them that the Original Bro is “once again a character [they] can pitch for.”


Matt Riddle has been off television for far longer than some fans expected. At this time, WWE creative has not been given the green light that he is even on the table to consider for a storyline. We can only hope that changes very soon.

Ringside News is sending our best to Matt Riddle as he enters a new chapter in his life. He also has a ton of support around him, so hopefully, he is able to make his return to WWE and continue his path as a Stallion.

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