Tony Khan, the President of AEW, has become a prominent figure for various reasons. He’s earned a reputation for his authentic love and enthusiasm for professional wrestling, which has resonated with fans. Moreover, as the driving force behind AEW, he’s responsible for the key decision-making, which has garnered him further appreciation and respect from the wrestling community. Chris Jericho also explained why he rarely makes TV appearances.

While Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff are known for their significant involvement in major storylines during their respective tenures in WWE and WCW, Tony Khan has taken a different approach in his leadership role at AEW. Rather than positioning himself as a central character in the show’s storylines, Khan has focused on providing a platform for talented wrestlers to showcase their abilities and develop compelling narratives. This approach has allowed the performers to take center stage, resulting in a fresh and exciting product that has resonated with fans.

As the primary booker for AEW, Tony Khan has been responsible for mapping out the company’s storylines and directing its creative direction. While the results of his booking have been mixed over the past four years, it’s worth noting that fans appreciate his decision to take a more behind-the-scenes approach, rather than inserting himself as a prominent figure on AEW television.

This approach has allowed the company’s talented roster of wrestlers to take center stage and create compelling storylines that have captivated audiences. Ultimately, Khan’s focus on supporting his wrestlers’ creative vision has been a key factor in the success of AEW, and many fans are happy with his leadership approach.


While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho talked about Tony Khan’s announcement on AEW Dynamite of the new series, AEW: All Access. Jericho also explained why Khan rarely makes TV appearances.

“I think, probably, Tony’s very careful on how he presents himself on camera, so I think that’s probably it. I think he likes to kind of put the spotlight on the wrestlers, which is [why] he had Adam Cole do [the announcement]. And I think he’s probably more comfortable doing things that way in the back where you can have a couple takes.

“Now, every show, Tony comes out before the show and riles up the crowd and gets them pumped up and excited, but when it comes to corporate general manager-owner type stuff, he wants to put the focus onto his players the same way that he does with the Jacksonville Jaguars or with the Fulham Football Club in London. I think he just feels more comfortable that way as an executive.”

Tony Khan himself had similar things to say about his sporadic appearances on AEW television. have to see if he makes himself known on television in the future for more major announcements.

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