The Miz and Maryse’s relationship is one that has captured the attention of fans and media alike. The couple, who first met while working together in WWE, have been together for over a decade and have two children together. What sets their relationship apart is the way they have seamlessly integrated their personal and professional lives. That being said, they’ve still seen a change in their relationship after so many years together.

The Miz and Maryse have not only worked together as a tag team in the ring, but have also co-starred in their own reality show, Miz & Mrs. Their chemistry both on and off-screen is palpable, and their ability to balance their careers and family life is a testament to their dedication and commitment to each other.

Their chemistry was quite evident in a hilarious video posted on Instagram where The Miz taps Maryse’s ass with the on-screen caption reading “1 year together….” He does it again and this time the caption reads “5 years together…..” However, when he tried to do it again, Maryse turned around and floored him with a vicious slap as the on-screen caption read “15 years together….”

Maryse indicated that the hilarious video was about married life, as she captioned the post with two words that summed up the clip.


“Married life”

This past week on RAW Maryse handed The Miz a mysterious envelope that seemed to get the A-Lister excited. The Miz revealed that he will reveal the contents of the envelope next week on RAW.

We will have to see what happens for Miz and Maryse as they continue on the road to WrestleMania. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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