Ever since its inception, AEW has taken the wrestling world by storm. Over the next few years, the company would go on to put on some incredible matches through amazing long-form storytelling. At one point, AEW posed a serious threat to WWE when they won the ratings war against NXT. Things aren’t really that way now, but Ric Flair has an idea for Tony Khan.

However, the last few months have seen a dwindling viewer base, especially after several backstage brawls and locker room disputes became public last year. The man responsible for running the company, Tony Khan, has had his hand in everything from managing the day-to-day operations to booking and even promoting the shows.

While it’s good to see him so invested in different aspects of the company, this has shifted his focus from the booking which has resulted in average storylines over the past several months resulting in reduced viewership.

Ric Flair, who has seen and done it all in the business, offered his advice on how AEW can improve its dwindling viewership on a recent episode of his To Be The Man podcast.


“I would continue to own the company, but I would let somebody fresh book it. He books and runs it, but he’s also very vested personally in football which he takes a lot of pride in, and the Jaguars are getting better, which I’m really happy for them. They will probably be in the playoffs next year. So what I’m saying is Tony has to divide his time and his passion between two things.”

Eventually, Tony Khan will have to relinquish control of certain aspects of the business so that the company can begin to thrive again. Until then, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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Sunil Joseph

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