Pro wrestlers give their all for their craft, but every one of them must call it quits eventually. Nothing lasts forever, especially in pro wrestling, but some actually get to call it quits on their own terms. Brian Kendrick isn’t 100% done in the ring, but he’s winding down his career. He also envisioned a different way for it all to go out.

During a conversation on Reffin It Up With Brian Hebner, Brian Kendrick discussed his career a bit, and how he pictured it ending. If it were up to Kendrick, Bryan Danielson would be his final opponent in the squared circle.

“I don’t know what it would be because I’d want it to be whatever the most romantic is. What’s the most beautiful story? An easy one is Bryan Danielson because we started together. That’s who I always pictured my last match being against. Could it be against someone who trained me like (William) Regal or Shawn Michaels or Regal’s son [Charlie Dempsey]? Do I have my last match putting over the son of my mentor, that’s really romantic. Ilja Dragunov is a guy who I’m absolutely dying to wrestle. My favorite person to wrestle is Rich Swann, so do I have it against my favorite guy to work? I want to think hard on it, but it would have to be the most romantic.”

We’ll have to see what’s next for Brian Kendrick. He is still in good shape, and obviously ready to roll around in the ring. He also has a great mind for the business and has seen success as a trainer in the past.


Only time will tell if Tony Khan would allow Bryan Danielson the opportunity to have that match against Brian Kendrick. Obviously, a lot of things would help determine that.

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