Vince McMahon is currently serving as the Executive Chairman of WWE’s Board of Directors once again, but that might not be enough to satisfy his thirst for power. McMahon returned to WWE this past January, leading to Stephanie McMahon stepping down as co-CEO of WWE. At the moment, the uncertainty of WWE’s future is birthing an uneasy feeling among employees across all departments.

PW Insider Elite reports that the environment in WWE in recent weeks has reverted to feeling like “walking on eggshells,” exactly similar to how things were when Vince McMahon was previously in charge of operations. McMahon’s return to WWE and the speculation of a potential sale have been the catalysts for that uneasy feeling of late.

The report further suggests that most of this chatter has come from employees of WWE working either backstage or in corporate offices in Stamford, Connecticut. Although the present morale is still better compared to how things were during Vince McMahon’s previous regime, the energy in recent weeks has been waning.

Employees are reeling under the fear of losing their jobs once a sale occurs. According to backstage belief, some recent WWE front office departures were actually related to feelings of uncertainty, and the departing names “a target on their backs” due to their tenure and prospect for bigger paychecks.


Vince McMahon intends to sell WWE by the end of this year. A sale is likely to happen sooner than later, as WWE CEO Nick Khan recently stated that the process should take no more than three months. McMahon is reportedly asking $9 billion for his company.

Vince McMahon’s net worth may soar by over $2.5 billion in the event of a WWE sale. FOX, Disney, Amazon, and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund are the top companies on the list of potential buyers of WWE. We will have to see what happens on the road to WrestleMania, but there is a lot going on backstage.

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Saptarshi Sinha

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