WWE is in the market to sell ever since Vince McMahon came back into the mix. McMahon announced his “retirement” back in July 2022, only to resurface in the company last January. He was soon reinstated as WWE Executive Chairman of the Board. Vince is back to actively pursue the sale of WWE, with Saudi Arabia being front-runner, but recent reports suggest that the asking price is way too high.

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H is avoiding the sale and keeping quiet about it, although there is allegedly a lot of interest in the business. Saudi Arabia is interested in buying WWE, but during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Saudi Arabia would be willing to pay $9 billion from the Public Investment Fund to do it.

Dave Meltzer pointed out that Saudi Arabia wants to purchase WWE for more than just commercial interests, making them the most likely candidate to fork out that kind of cash. He contrasted the predicament to the financing of LIV Golf and investments in soccer by the nation’s Public Investment Fund, which sparked claims of “sports washing.”

Similar to such circumstances, purchasing WWE would improve Saudi Arabia’s image abroad because the nation has received harsh criticism for its human rights violations. Meltzer also covered Tony Khan and Endeavors’ alleged interest in WWE throughout the episode.


If Vince McMahon and the company decide to sell WWE to the highest bidder, Saudi Arabia is more likely to succeed than either of the other parties in putting together a sizable offer. Tony Khan has previously stated his interest in purchasing WWE and claimed that his family is in the business of making significant investments.

Vince McMahon reportedly wants $9 billion for WWE as of this writing, while Dave Meltzer estimated that the market worth is $6.5 billion. Keep it tuned here at Ringside News as we follow up on this story on the sale of the global juggernaut.

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