Baby fever is a strong, sudden desire for someone to have their own child. This applies to many cultures and may differ depending on the person. This is applicable to anyone, and Liv Morgan is not immune to baby fever at all.

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Becky lynch announced on May 11th, 2020, that they were expecting their first child. Their daughter, Roux, was born on December 4th, and the couple tied the knot on June 29th, 2021.

Recently, Liv Morgan opened up about her experience with so-called “baby fever.” She has known Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch’s daughter Roux since she was born. Meeting Roux every week on RAW triggered maternal feelings in Liv Morgan.

During the “Out of Character” podcast, Liv Morgan addressed her potential motherhood courtesy of her baby fever. Morgan noted how ‘fulfilled’ Big Time Becks looked with Roux, which gave her baby fever.


The former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion also mentioned that watching Becky Lynch work as a mother inspired her to think about being a mother herself. However, Liv Morgan does not plan to have children of her own in the near future.

“I never thought that for myself. Honestly it’s really weird what changed it, and I don’t know why this was the moment. We did mixed live events this past weekend and I got to see Roux. For some reason, just seeing her eight months later and how much she’s grown, and seeing Becky be a mom, knowing she left at the height of her career, then had this baby and is still going on so strong, succeeding in other things as well. I don’t know. Just seeing Roux in that moment, I had a little bit of baby fever.”

Sarah Logan’s son is also around RAW, and Liv Morgan has commented on how he won’t let her train sometimes. It seems that Liv Morgan has enough kids around her, even if she doesn’t want to have one of her own right now.

Liv Morgan’s openness about her desires is a testament to her strength and courage, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to leave WWE television for a kid right now. She is in relationship with Bo Dallas, but they haven’t started a family on their farm just yet.

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