Kurt Angle has enjoyed sporadic appearances in the WWE since his contract expired in April 2020. Angle’s most recent appearance was on the RAW XXX episode, where he made a dream come true. The Olympic Gold Medalist entered the arena with D-Generation X and ended up becoming an “Honorary” member of the faction.

Kurt Angle stated that he always wanted to be a part of DX. He also acted as the special guest referee in the six-person tag match between The Imperium and Street Profits with Seth Rollins. The Former World Champion also celebrated his 54th birthday on SmackDown, where he enacted his famous milk truck segment.

With WrestleMania nearing, fans are expecting many legends to appear at the Grandest Stage of all as usual. The Olympic Gold Medalist spoke about his attendance at WrestleMania.

During a recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show, Angle said that he would be present on night one of WrestleMania. He expressed his excitement for the match between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. Angle even tipped off The American Nightmare as the winner of the match. Angle stated that he would also appear at the WrestleCon and is excited about WrestleMania.


“Right now, my flight plans leave Sunday morning. I’ll watch the
first half of WrestleMania. I might stay and extend my flight to the next day, but I want to watch Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes because I believe he’s going to win the title.”

“I’m doing an appearance for WrestleCon. I believe I’m going to do
some stuff for WWE as well. I plan on going to WrestleMania for one day. I’m really excited about it. This is the first WrestleMania I’ve gone to in a while.”

Kurt Angle’s last WrestleMania appearance was in 2019. This also marked the final match of his career against Baron Corbin. The Former WWE Champion has timely stated that he won’t wrestle again but as they say “Never say Never” in the wrestling world, fans might witness him wrestle once again in the future.

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Rahul Amare

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