The younger generational talent of WWE is surely making its way to establish themselves as top and credible superstars of this era. A popular name to top that list is the current WWE United States champion, Austin Theory. The blue-chip prospect has ascended to greater heights in the last few months and now believes that he can become a threat to The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Austin Theory would declare that he felt as though he had a greater chance in the Royal Rumble after raising himself over the last year. He spoke about this during an interview with Sean Ross Sapp prior to the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble event.

“Absolutely. I’m definitely in an elevated position now. Last year, I was figuring myself out and trying to figure out my ranks, especially coming in at number three. Being able to last over 20 minutes, though, I wasn’t too upset with that being my first Royal Rumble. But definitely, this year, taking advantage of everything that I’ve figured out, strategy-wise, for the Royal Rumble.”

Furthermore, Austin Theory claims that as a result of his recent triumphs, he now feels more confident in his skills. The same confidence has led Theory to claim that he will be a more serious threat to Roman Reigns in the future.


“When you look at somebody like Bobby Lashley, and you look at somebody like Seth Freakin’ Rollins, they’ve done it all they really have, but I think me being in the ring with them and me having that victory over both of them in different types of matches, it only helps me catapult myself to being a really fighting contender for that Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. I think it’s definitely a different man now that Roman Reigns has to deal with.”

Austin Theory once had intentions to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship. However, he ended up cashing it in on Seth Rollins for the US title in a failed attempt.

Since then, Austin Theory has returned to the United States Championship picture by winning the title for the second time. He has also defeated notable opponents like Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in his attempt to rise to the top.

Now, Austin Theory is set to face the most difficult challenge of his career. The current WWE United States champion will be defending his title against five other competitors inside the Elimination Chamber at the upcoming namesake pay-per-view on February 18th, with Theory’s chances to walk out as champion looking slimmer as the show approaches in nearly a week. That being said, you can click here for possible spoiler on that match.

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