Lacey Evans has been mainstay for WWE programming for quite some time. The former Sassy Southern Belle came from the land of the Marines Corps to make it big in the hard-hitting world of wrestling. Recently, someone tried to seek friendly advice from Evans due to her experience in the Marines, and she decided not to help, but take a jab at him.

Lacey Evans was a Marine Corps officer before her WWE stint. This prompted a fan, who is looking to follow in her footsteps and join the Marines, to seek advice from a veteran like Evans herself.

“I’m thinking about Joining the navy Ik you were in a different branch but what advice would you give me?”

However, in a turn of events, Lacey Evans might have seen it as a potential jab toward her due to the recent hatred she has been receiving on social media. She took to Twitter to take a shot at them, claiming that the fan could not even get a job at Mcdonald’s.


“By the look of your profile pic and your bio, you won’t make it. McDonald’s is hiring though. 🇺🇲🍟🍔.”

Lacey Evans enlisted in the Marines when she was 19-years-old. She served as a military police officer with the Special Reaction Team during her tenure. Moreover, she even earned a college degree and started her own construction business while on active duty.

The former Marines officer was introduced to the world of wrestling by a Staff Sergeant who was a promoter on independent shows as well. Lacey Evans was booked for the second show she attended by the Sarge.

Lacey Evans is among the top prospect in WWE’s women’s division. She has not tasted major success yet, however, with her recent emergence, it could be in no time that we see Evans make a huge impact to ascend to the next level.

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