Lacey Evans has undergone a character change again for the umpteenth. This time, it looks like WWE is trying to get her to embrace her military background. Before returning to SmackDown, WWE spent weeks airing vignettes that showed Evans undergoing military training for her return. This was intended to bring out a vicious side of Evans. There were even rumors of her pairing up with Sgt. Slaughter as well.

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Since her return, Evans has looked dominant. Tonight on WWE SmackDown, her dominance continued as she took on a local competitor and put her away with the utmost of ease. Moreover, she used Sgt. Slaughter’s finisher to get the job done.

However, fans are not talking about the win, they seem more interested in Lacey Evans’ wardrobe malfunction. During the match, Evans’ boot came apart and she tried to use take it and use it as a weapon against her opponents.


Fans are having a field day with this moment with many fans trolling Evans for what transpired during the match. One fan joked that Lacey Evans lost her boot. However, another fan called her attempt to use the boot as a weapon a smart move.

One fan even called Evans cursed for the wardrobe malfunction. Another fan suggested that Evans losing the sole of her boot should become her new gimmick.

Following the match, Lacey Evans picked up and threw her opponent out of the ring before claiming that she will win the Royal Rumble match. We will have to wait and see what happens at the Royal Rumble. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage at the Royal Rumble.

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