MJF is widely regarded as one of the best heels in the professional wrestling business today. With a background in finance and a flair for the dramatic, MJF brings a unique presence to the ring, combining confident mic skills with a tough in-ring style. He has been a standout performer for All Elite Wrestling, consistently drawing attention for his antics both inside and outside the ring. This story takes place well outside the squared circle.

MJF’s impressive list of accomplishments helped him become one of the biggest names in the industry today. One of the things that makes him such a good heel is his ability to mock and tease people, whether it’s other wrestlers or the fans. This is exactly what happened when a female fan wanted his autograph. He tweeted out to let fans know about the encounter.

Some skank in El Paso tried to get me to sign her breasts outside the arena. Multiple people recorded it. Still hasn’t made its way to twitter. Prob cuz people in El Paso don’t know how to use technology.

MJF recently posted a video on Twitter that shows him approaching a female fan to sign her chest. However, when he realized she doesn’t have a sharpie, he walked away, telling her how close she was to getting her chest signed.


“You were this close to getting your t***ies signed, you stupid b**ch,” he told the fan as he walked away.

The other fans around her quickly searched and found a sharpie that the AEW World Champion could use. He then came back and as he is about to sign her chest, he noticed a fan recording the incident. When the fan confirmed that he was recording, MJF just walked away without signing any body part.

The entertaining incident and interaction with the fans showcase why MJF is so popular, to begin with. Undoubtedly, MJF is going to be a big star in the world of professional wrestling as long as he manages to stay consistent.

The actual video contains partial nudity, so we won’t post it here. However, it does presently live on Twitter, so you can check out the video below. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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