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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature a SmackDown Tag Team Championship match as The Usos defend their titles against the team of Ricochet and Braun Strowman who earned this title shot by wining the number one contender’s tournament.

Tonight will also feature a fatal 4-way match to determine the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship between Karrion Kross, Rey Mysterio, Madcap Moss and Santos Escobar.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.

SmackDown kicks off with Paul Heyman in the ring holding both of Reigns’ championship belts. Heyman says that ever since he and Brock Lesnar conquered Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania, he doesn’t offer predictions, he gives spoilers. Heyman says the Island of Relevancy is under two prongs of attack; Sami Zayn, who is not here this evening, and also from Cody Rhodes on RAW. Heyman calls the two title belts he’s holding the plasma in the blood flowing through the entire Bloodline, Heyman says without the titles, there is no Island of Relevancy, no Bloodline, no Paul Heyman and no Roman Reigns.

Heyman is interrupted by Sami Zayn who slides in the ring behind Heyman’s back. Zayn takes the mic from Heyman. Zayn says that if this were a month ago, Solo Sikoa or The Usos would’ve ran to the ring and taken Zayn out already, but right now, Heyman is out there all alone. Zayn says that Heyman knows that Reigns’ days as champion are numbered. Zayn says that him leaving and Jey Uso walking out of the Bloodline is causing everything to crumble around them. Zayn says that Jimmy will side with his twin brother over his abusive cousin. Zayn says the Bloodline is on it’s way out, as everyone knows it. Zayn gives a spoiler to Heyman, Reigns has eight days left as champion. Zayn grabs Heyman close and tells Heyman to tell Reigns he doesn’t have to worry about Cody, because Sami Zayn will be the one to take Reigns down.

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Hit Row vs Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Our opening tag team match begins with McIntyre and Ashante in the ring. Ashante taunts McIntyre and McIntyre responds with a Glasgow kiss. McIntyre goes to the corrner and counts down for a Claymore but Top Dolla drags Ashante out of the ring. Sheamus tags in and Ashante hits a drop kick. Sheamus reverses an Irish whip and hits the Irish Curse back breaker. Top Dolla tries to take a cheap shot to Sheamus but Sheamus grabs him and hits with a grand total of 23 beats of the Bodhran. Sheamus hits the White Noise to Ashante. McIntyre hits Top Dolla and Sheamus hits Ashante witht he Brogue kick and covers for three.

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

After the match we cut to the Titantron where we see a video package from the Viking Raiders, among trees and fire and other viking-related things it appears that the team is challenging Sheamus and McIntyre to a match next week.

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Lacey Evans vs Carmen Harress

The match begins with Evans hitting a suplex. Evans hits a series of hard forearm strikes with Harress on the ropes. Harress gets a quick roll up for a one count. Evans climbs the top rope to salute and demand respect as the crowd relentlessly boo her. Evans hits the woman’s right and locks in the Cobra Clutch and Harress taps out immediately, Evans leaves the hold on for long after the bell.

Winner: Lacey Evans

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SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs Braun Strowman & Ricochet

Before the match officially begins, Jimmy Uso makes his entrance alone as the location of Jey Uso is still unknown.

As the ring announcer starts to introduce Jimmy Uso as defending the titles by himself, Jimmy points to the crowd and Jey Uso comes down from the crowd and enters the ring to defend the titles alongside Jimmy.

The tag team championship match begins with Ricochet and Jey Uso in a lock up. Jey hits a big shoulder tackle and after a sequence of flips that would cause Jim Cornette to scream Jey hits a lariat and tags Jimmy in. Ricochet gets a standing headlock in and makes the tag to Strowman. Strowman hits an Irish whip in the corner and tags Ricochet back in and Strowman and Ricochet hit corner splashes to Jimmy back to back and Ricochet covers for two. After The Usos regroup outside the ring. Jimmy and Ricochet lock up. Ricochet hits a standing moonsault and covers for a one count. Jey makes the blind tag and The Usos hit a pop up Samoan drop and Ricochet rolls outside the ring.

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The match continues live with Jey Uso hitting Ricochet with a huge uppercut. Jimmy tags in and Ricochet explodes out of the corner to hit a drop kick. Ricochet hits a springboard cross body and makes the tag to Strowman as Jey tags in. Strowman hits a big shoulder tackle and then a running lariat in the corner. Jey hits a superkick and with Strowman outside the ring Jey hits a tope suicida. Back in the ring Jey hits a flying cross body, Jey hits a superkick and Ricochet tags in and hits a springboard moonsault and then a standing shooting star press. Jimmy makes the tag and hits an enziguri. Strowman tags in and hits the running powerslam, Strowman tags in Ricochet and Ricocet gets on Strowman’s shoulders and hits the swanton, Ricochet covers but Jey Uso pulls Ricochet out of the ring to make the save. Strowman exits the ring and charges around the ring but Jey ducks and Strowman crashes over the announce table. Ricochet goes up top but Jimmy counters with an uppercut. Jey Uso makes the tag, Ricochet hits a shooting star press to Jimmy and Jey hits a splash to Ricochet immediately after and Jey covers for three.

Winners: The Usos

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SmackDown returns with Natalya in the ring. Natalya says there is one thing she wants to get off her chest. Natalya brings up Shayna Baszler breaking her nose. Natalya says she took Baszler’s spot from that “knock off Ronda Rousey”.

Hearing this Shayna Baszler makes her way out, Baszler sais she was signed to WWE and winning titles before Rousey came around, hearing this out comes Ronda Rousey. Baszler stares down Rousey before taking a cheap shot at Natalya. Baszler and Rousey team up to attack Natalya before Shotzi runs out to make the save. Shotzi is quickly discarded and Rousey holds Natalya’s arm out and Baszler hits a running knee strike.

Backstage Jey Uso is waling alone when he is met by Sami Zayn. Zayn says he knows he put him in a tough spot but he knows Reigns well, and so does Jey, and that Reigns won’t forget what happened at Royal Rumble. Zayn says Jey Uso walking out meant a lot to him. Zayn says Jey does not have to go down with the ship, there’s a way out for him. Zayn says “I acknowledge you” to Jey, Zayn holds out his fist and after a moment Jey fist bumps Zayn to a very loud pop from the crowd.

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Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green vs Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan

The match begins with Morgan and Deville in the ring with a lock up. Deville hits a shoulder tackle. Morgan hits a drop lick and then a running splash in the corner. Morgan dives off the middle rope but is hit with a knee strike to the face. Green tags in the match and Green stomps Morgan’s face into the turnbuckle. Deville tags back in and Morgan ducks a strike causing Green to be hit and knocked off the ropes. Rodriguez tags in and hits a fall away slam to Deville. Rodriguez hits the corkscrew elbow splash and covers but Deville grabs the bottom rope. Deville tags Green in and Rodriguez immediately hits a power slam. Morgan tags in as Rodriguez hits a power bomb, Morgan follows with oblivion and Rodriguez power bombs Morgan onto Green and Morgan covers for three.

Winners: Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan

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Karrion Kross vs Madcap Moss vs Santos Escobar vs Rey Mysterio

The fatal 4-way match begins with Mysterio fighting with Kross and Escobar and Moss going at it. Moss dumps Escobar out of the ring and starts throwing punches at Kross. Escobar pulls the ropes causing Moss to crash to the outside. Kross and Escobar argue about who gets to fight with Mysterio and Kross sends Escobar over the top and outside the ring before going after Mysterio again. Kross hits a big boot and charges to the corner but Mysterio counters with a kick. All four wrestlers are back in the ring. Mysterio goes for a cross body but Moss catches him and hits a fall away slam that launches Mysterio into Escobar. Escobar hits a running knee to Kross. Escobar stares down Mysterio who gets back in the ring as the crowd approves of the lucha goodness we’re about to witness. Escobar hits a big drop kick. Mysterio goes up top and hits a big huricanrana but Escobar follows with a back breaker to Mysterio. Mysterio sends Escobar to the ropes but Escobar avoids the 619. Mysterio flies over the top rope to take out Kross and Escobar hits a tope suicida to Moss.

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Our main event continues live with Kross covering Escobar for a two count. Kross hits a belly to belly suplex to Mysterio. Moss hits Kross with a big shoulder tackle, and moss then hits Escobar and then Mysterio with shoulder tackles. Moss hits a spine buster to Kross and covers for two. Moss catches Escobar in mid air but Escobar reverses the slam into a roll up for a two count. Mysterio hits a drop kick to Escobar off a sunset flip roll through. Mysterio hits a tornado DDT to Kross. Escobar hits Mysterio with the phantom driver and Moss breaks the cover. Escobar goes up top and moss meets him up there. Escobar hits a headbutt and then hits a huricanrana to Moss. Kross hits a lariat to knock Escobar out of the ring. Kross goes to power bomb Mysterio but Mysterio counters to send Kross to the ropes. Mysterio hits the 619 but Scarlett prevents the splash by grabbing Mysterio. Escobar runs in to attack Kross and they both fall out of the ring. Moss hits an elbow drop from the top rope to Mysterio and Moss makes the cover for three.

Winner: Madcap Moss

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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