Logan Paul became a big deal due to his work as a YouTuber and professional boxer. He recently made waves in the WWE, delivering amazing performances against the likes of The Miz and Roman Reigns. He made an impactful return during the Royal Rumble match, creating an unforgettable moment with Ricochet that solidified his status as a top talent. That being said, Seth Rollins still doubts Logan Paul has any passion for pro wrestling.

Logan Paul’s appearance in the Men’s Royal Rumble match was a highlight of the event, catching everyone off guard. As the 29th entrant, he was met with a pop from the crowd, making his entrance one of the most memorable moments of the night.

Logan Paul eliminated Seth Rollins during the match, which kicked off Seth Rollins’ disdain for The Maverick. Needless to say, the Drip God was not happy about that at all.

Seth Rollins recently made it clear that he did not want Logan Paul in WWE at all. In fact, Rollins has already called Logan Paul selfish, among other things.


While speaking with Fox Sports Radio, The Visionary claimed that nobody in the locker room likes Logan Paul. Rollins added that he doubts Logan Paul has any passion for pro wrestling.

“Nobody gets along with him. Does anybody like Logan Paul? He’s a personality and he’s out there. And look, he’s a hustler. But our industry is built on passion. It is built on people who love it, who want to make it better, not take from it. And so what I wanna know about Logan Paul, is he gonna be that guy? Is he somebody that’s gonna develop a passion for it, is gonna fall in love with it, is gonna give back to it? Or is he just somebody who wants to come in and suck our fanbase and take money out of our pockets and do everything for himself.

Last week, Seth Rollins teased match with Logan Paul while criticizing the YouTube star. We’ll have to wait and see whether Rollins and Logan Paul will end up feuding in the future, as we head towards WrestleMania 39.

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