Logan Paul made his WWE return by entering the Men’s Royal Rumble match at #29 and eliminating Seth Rollins from the contest. Rollins had spent 37 minutes in the ring prior to his elimination. The Visionary wasn’t pleased with the elimination and has publicly criticized The Maverick ever since.

While appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Seth Rollins made his stance on Logan Paul very clear. In his statement, the decorated professional wrestler expressed his disapproval of the YouTuber’s involvement in sports entertainment.

“He doesn’t care about nothing but himself. I can respect the hustle, alright, I really do because it takes hustle to get to where he is at and to get the opportunities he’s got, but at the end of the day, it’s about passion. No one is going to suit up and play in the NFL football because they’re a social media superstar, right? They’re going to get creamed. He’s going to step into my world, and he’s going to get creamed. If you want to contribute and give back to our industry…you’re a fan of it, and you love it, right Pat? You’re a fan of it, you love it, you give back to it, you talk about it any chance you get, and you put it over. That’s not him, dude. That’s not him. He’s in it for himself. He’s in it for his own gain.”

Seth Rollins went on to express his concerns that Logan Paul was using WWE’s global platform to hype himself up and make money, rather than to truly be part of the sport.


“So, I don’t want you in my business if you’re going to leech off it and you’re going to take from it. Great if you’re going to help out and you’re going to make everything as good as you can, but if you’re going to come and do it for you…look I can only judge what he’s done in the past. His own history, that’s foretelling for the future, and that’s why I don’t like the guy. That’s why I don’t dig the guy and he’s going to go rub it in on social media. He’s going to talk his talk, but he don’t want to say nothing to my face.”

Overall, Seth Rollins has made it very clear that he does not want someone like Logan Paul to be part of the business if they are only looking to make money or use the platform for their own gain. This sentiment is shared by many other wrestling superstars, who have come out in support of Rollins’ statement.

Last week, Seth Rollins teased match with Logan Paul while criticizing the YouTube star on Instagram Live. As a matter of fact, the Royal Rumble spot could be the foundation of their exciting rivalry.

Seth Rollins will compete in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship at the premium live event on February 18th. As for Logan Paul, it remains to be seen when fans can expect him back in a WWE ring again. However, rumors suggest that The Maverick could be a surprise participant in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 39.

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