One of the best storylines in WWE right now is The Bloodline storyline. For months, Sami Zayn tried his best to find a way into the group. He spent several weeks putting his body on the line only to have his loyalty questioned. For a short while, it seemed like he had gotten what he wanted. Reigns had made him Honorary Uce and at Survivor Series, WarGames, he earned Jey Uso’s trust.

However, it went downhill from there as the fans started chanting for him instead of Roman Reigns which didn’t sit right with The Tribal Chief. What made matters worse was when Zayn promised a win against John Cena and Kevin Owens on the final SmackDown of 2022 only to come up short.

After months of walking a tightrope of The Bloodline only to have his loyalty doubted time and again, Zayn finally had enough at the 2023 Royal Rumble when he took a swing at Roman Reigns using a steel chair.

It was dubbed the shot eared around the world. At that very moment, the landscape within The Bloodline changed in an instant. Following the incident, Jey Uso who is set to defend the SmackDown Tag Team Titles next week is still missing and Zayn has now challenged his former leader to a match at Elimination Chamber.


Now, Sami has put his desire to be in The Bloodline in the past as he has changed his Twitter Bio stating that he is no longer an uce.

“WWE Superstar. Uce No More. Champion of the People. Some tweets are in character, some are not. Instagram: @SamiZayn,” his Twitter bio reads.

Sami Zayn is set to take on Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber. This will make for an interesting match even though the outcome is quite obvious. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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