WWE 2k22 was released in March of the previous year after much anticipation and some apprehension. This was because WWE 2k20 was widely criticized for its poor performance, but despite this, the success of WWE 2k22 led to the confirmation of WWE 2k23 soon after. It seems a creative director for 2k23 is looking forward to AEW Fight Forever.

WWE and 2K Games revealed more details about WWE 2K23 last month. Naturally, fans are very excited about the game as it promises to build upon the solid foundation laid out by WWE 2K22.

During the Attitude Era, WWE and WCW were in fierce competition in every aspect, including video games. While much emphasis was placed on their battle for TV ratings, both companies also released multiple games annually, forcing fans to decide which brand to support through their video game choices.

While with WCCF Tech, WWE 2K23 Creative Director Lynell Jinks addressed the competitor and said that he is looking forward to competition from the release of AEW Fight Forever.

“I love competition. I started on NBA 2K, I spent 10 years on it, and at that time, we were going against NBA Inside Drive. Then we were going against [NBA] ShootOut and NBA Live, and every year, we would look at what they did and be, like, “that’s interesting” or “they did this better than us.” That only makes our games better,” said Jinks. “Same thing you can say about wrestling in general — having competition, to me, it’s no coincidence that the storylines [in WWE] have been the best they’ve been in a long time. I think it’s because of that competition. It’s the same with video games. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do that’s going to drive us to be even stronger.”

The WarGames Match is a new addition to this year’s WWE video game release, marking the first time it has been included in a video game. We’ll have to see how both games will turn out.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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