WWE has released several talented wrestlers over the past couple of years, all in the name of budget cuts. FTR saw their release from WWE, but it was something that they wanted. Now, they are able to speak about it in hindsight, and it turns out that they already had a plan of action in mind.

FTR had a stellar 2022, picking up titles all over the world. None of that would have been possible without their run in WWE coming to an end. Now, they are looking at the conclusion of their current AEW contracts this year, and many fans are wondering what the Top Guys will do next.

During Dax Harwood’s FTR Podcast, he revealed that the day Mark Carrano called to inform them of their WWE releases, Dax and Cash were both on the phone with people from AEW.

The day that Mark Carrano called us, so two days before the announcement [of the Revival’s release from WWE] was made online, he called us and said ‘you don’t have to give us an answer right now, talk about it, give me a call back.’ I called Cash. We said, should we talk to Cody, or the Bucks, or Tony? He said yeah, let’s do that.


They reached out to the Young Bucks, who were likely happy to hear from them. This led to a conversation with Tony Khan himself.

So we sent the Bucks a text and said hey, there’s a possibility that we may be leaving WWE, would you guys ever be interested in having us? And he said ‘well I would love to have you.’ That’s all we needed to know. So we called Mark Carrano, yes, we agree to your terms. Please give us our release, and thank you.” So he gave us our release. The following day, whenever the contracts were cut and we got the paperwork from Mark Carrano that said we were officially released, is when we started talking contracts with Tony Khan.

The two had a non-compete clause with WWE. So, they couldn’t appear on any other television program for 90 days. This meant that they still got their downside guarantees during that time, but they had to wait to make their AEW debuts.

We had no 90-day no-compete clause. That was our ask. If we give all this, and you take all this money from us, at least just let us not have the ninety days. Let us just go out and do what we need to do immediately.

Only time will tell where Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler will be in a year from now. Everything is likely to change in the next couple of months in some form or fashion.

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