Tony Khan, President of AEW, is known for his passion for professional wrestling. However, in recent times, fans have expressed doubts about his ability to lead effectively, due to a series of questionable booking decisions and remarks that he has made. Fans have always wondered if AEW would ever work with WWE. It seems Khan is open to that idea as well.

AEW has certainly come a long way after its inception back in 2019. They have strived to provide an alternative to WWE and succeeded in it for the most part. AEW has worked with many companies so far, but not with WWE.

The wrestling industry has seen a shift towards collaboration between companies in recent years, with events like Mickie James participating in the 2022 Royal Rumble as Impact’s Knockouts Champion and AEW and NJPW co-hosting a pay-per-view. However, a partnership between WWE and AEW seems unlikely to happen in the near future.

While speaking on WTF with Marc Maron, Tony Khan was asked about working with WWE in the future. Khan made it clear that while he is not certain it will happen, he is more than open to the idea.


Who knows? It’s something I would certainly be open to, and I think it’s an interesting thing for the future. It’s not something that’s ever really been done. They’ve kind of existed in their own space. We are working with a lot of wrestling promotions, and at times they’ve done stuff like that. But it would be a really interesting thing to see at some point.’

I think it’s like Marvel and DC. You don’t see those superheroes really crossing over very much. … I think there’d be a lot of jostling for who’s going to be positioned stronger. It would get very political.”

Nick Khan also doesn’t think AEW is threat whatsoever. Tony Khan will continue to believe that AEW will be competition to WWE, and perhaps he will be right one day. However, that day is still far from happening right now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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