WWE was looking to flourish in a new direction, under the regime of new management led by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, with Triple H at the helm as Head of Creative. Then the re-emergence of Vince McMahon back into the scene turned everything upside down. Despite being back to sell off his company, WWE CEO Nick Khan believes Vinnie Mac has no problem stepping aside from leading the management charge under some conditions.

Nick Khan is currently the sole occupant of the position of WWE Chief Executive Officer. He recently stated that Vince McMahon would have no problem stepping aside if he manages to clinch the idle deal for the sale of WWE, during a recent interview with CNBC.

“Ratings are up … at least 45% year to year on our Peacock events … so we launched in March of last year and by this March been through the roof.” When asked if Vince would step aside, Nick Khan said “100% without a question … with Vince if its the right deal … and we all gonna take a look at all the factors that make it the right deal … if it doesnt involve him … it’s no issue.”

The entire change in power started back in July 2022, when Vince McMahon shockingly announced his retirement from WWE. This came at the height of being accused of various sexual allegations and hush money scandals.

With Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie McMahon and WWE President Nick Khan were appointed as co-CEOs. Furthermore, Triple H took over the reins of Head of Creative, a position held closely by Vince himself.

However, the beginning of the new year saw Vince McMahon coming out of retirement and being reinstated in the WWE Board of Directors as Executive Chairman. Many reports have suggested that McMahon has returned primarily to pursue the sale of WWE.

Vince McMahon’s return has seen significant changes in top management positions, including his daughter Stephanie McMahon resigning as co-CEO. Moreover, Vince’s relations with Saudi Arabia have made them the front-runner in purchasing the company. We will have to wait and see if McMahon does step aside after getting the deal he wants for the sale of his global juggernaut.

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