Nia Jax shocked the WWE Universe when she re-appeared as part of the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble match. She had a nice showing, but did not win the big match. During her appearance, she also screamed “I’m back,” and now we have a bit of a clue that might not be the case.

PW Insider dropped a note about Nia Jax’s current whereabouts before SmackDown this week. It turns out that she is not around this week for the blue brand’s show

It’s always possible that Nia Jax is hidden backstage, but she wasn’t hidden before the Royal Rumble event. So, fans who were hopeful that Nia Jax is back for good will be a bit disappointed.

For those who have asked, no one we have spoken with has seen Nia Jax backstage at Smackdown.


If she is there, she is being well hidden.

WWE has surprised fans before, but it appears that Nia Jax is not going to be around for SmackDown this week. Odds are she won’t be around on a frequent basis, because it was previously reported.

Keep checking back with Ringside News for more updates as we continue monitoring this ongoing situation.

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