Batista will always be remembered as one of the biggest superstars during the early and late 2010s. The Animal further made a big name for himself as a bonafide Hollywood star being a part of various successful films such as Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy, following his highly accomplished career in WWE. Recently, Batista had massive praise for his former mentor Triple H for his incredible behind-the-scenes work in WWE.

The Animal recently claimed that Triple H is the best person at the helm of WWE to run it successfully with the work he has done over the past few months. Batista spoke about this during an interview with where he was quite frank with his opinion.

“I think this is the best thing for the company. It really is. It’s a personal thing with me because I know Triple H. I know how well he knows this business. I know how much he loves this business. As far as this business goes, he’s the smartest guy I’ve ever met in my life. He made me who I was. He was responsible for my career. I’ve never been ashamed to say that. I think that he is so dedicated to this product and just wants the best for it. I think he’s absolutely the right person. I’ve never met anyone else who thinks the way he does, as far as wrestling goes.”

Triple H took the creative reins of WWE from Vince McMahon after WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon announced his initial retirement in July 2022. This came as a shocker to the WWE Universe, while McMahon faced a hush money scandal and sexual assault allegations.


The Game completely revamped the product in terms of television programming, storylines, and superstar development. Triple H’s significant changes in the WWE product have been widely appreciated by fans and critics.

Moreover, Triple H was also responsible for bringing back top-caliber WWE superstars that were released by Vince McMahon. This included names like Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Johnny Gargano, and Karrion Kross.

However, with the re-appoitment of Vince McMahon as WWE Executive Chairman of the Board, Triple H’s reign as the leader could be in jeopardy with drastic management changes already seen at the company. We will have to wait and see if Vince McMahon does decide to shatter Triple H’s creative regime and take over control. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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