Triple H became the head of WWE Creative after Vince McMahon retired from WWE last year. In the several months after that, The Game has made numerous changes to the company, many of which fans have loved. That being said, there are still many people who love criticizing WWE, and it seems Triple H knows how to deal with them.

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Vince McMahon returned to the company and became the Executive Chairman of the company once again. In spite of that, Triple H remains the head of WWE Creative, much to the relief of fans.

Despite all the positive changes WWE has made since Triple H took charge, there are still many people who are dissasitifed with WWE’s product as a whole and continue to criticizing WWE, even reveling in it.


While speaking during the post-Royal Rumble press conference, Triple H was asked about how he deals with people who love criticizing WWE. Triple H made it clear that no one can do spectacles like WWE can.

The message is that we’re gonna put on a spectacle and a show like nobody else can. You’re always gonna get scruticized, always gonna get looked at critically- just do what you do, you put your head down, you work ahrder than anyone else. You put in more effort than anybody else, you put the best team you can possibly put togehter and you just do what you do and nobody does it, um, you know, I will speak for us, but I’m in the thick of it, so you can take it how you want – nobody does it like we do, nobody. I don’t mean that in the sports entertainment industry, I mean that in large scale live event show promotion. Stadium events, 51k people in it right? WrestleMania 2 days sold out, SoFi stadium. We will put on a specatacle like only we can and I don’t see anybody else doing it and I don’t see anybody else who can touch it.

That’s not ego, that’s just my opinion. I will put our production people, staff, our crew and our talent against anyone in the planet. We do spectacle ike nobody else. It’s not a statement from me, there are hundreds of people who worked in this building tonight for WWE. There are hundreds of talent that workehere, every single one of then walked into this building today to make a statement in what they do. From the smallest jump to the highest jump, they came here to make a statement – that we are the WWE. We are going to do it again in Montreal and we’re gonna do it again in Sofi Stadium, it’s what we do.

The Royal Rumble Premium Live Event was truly a spectacle in every sense of the word and broke numerous records for the company. We will have to wait and see how much better WrestleMania 39 will turn out in April.

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