Mickie James is one of the greatest names in women’s wrestling. James has enjoyed tenures in WWE and NWA. Currently, she is signed onto Impact, where she is the reigning Impact Knockouts Champion. She has had quite a number of memorable storylines throughout her career. However, there is one feud that stood out from the rest, and for good reason.

Earlier this month, Mickie James appeared on Women’s Wrestling Talk ahead of her match with Jordynne Grace which had James put her career on the line for the Knockouts Title. James was asked about some of her memorable moments throughout her illustrious pro wrestling career.

Mickie James recalled her feud with LayCool, where James was mercilessly bullied by Michelle McCool and Layla. Michelle McCool gave her the nickname “Piggy James” which had James break down into tears on screen.

Mickie James reflected on how her role was integral in making fans see LayCool as completely unlikeable. James went on to reveal how much that storyline resonated with fans.


“We talk about Michelle McCool and Layla who, you know, this was a pairing that they needed a monster heel faction. They needed someone for the people to truly, genuinely hate. Not be like, ‘Oh, I hate that person but I still love them, and I want to buy their merch. No I want, ‘I hate these people.’ And they needed someone to step up and be that. And that whole Piggy James angle and all that stuff, as hard as it was at times, I have people that still come to me today and go like, ‘You know, that storyline was very important, especially in that teenage years, it resonated with me because I was that person getting picked on, or I was that. And the fact that you could fight through and be strong, it gave me strength.’

Although the role was hard for Mickie James, she was really happy she could resonate with fans on a personal level. James spoke further about how rewarding it was to be part of that storyline.

“And so when you can help not only create these moments for television but moments that resonate with people, that they can feel in their hearts. And they can attach to and go like, ‘That made a difference for me on a personal level.’ There’s no bigger reward than that. That’s when you know you’ve done something special.”

Mickie James is currently a 5-time Knockouts Champion. Although she has evaded retirement after winning her match with Jordynne Grace at Hard to Kill, she is struggling with the thought of retirement. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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