Austin Theory continues to be one of WWE’s developing prospects, as he hones his craft on a weekly basis on television. The young star has already cemented himself as a solid mid-carder, and his future is certainly bright. He is likely to face John Cena this year, but not everyone wants to see that happen.

As people know, Theory was taking shots at John Cena and has even been compared to him. He had a brief confrontation with John Cena a few months ago last year, but nothing else happened after that.

Heading into WrestleMania 39, there has been a lot of discussions Theory possibly facing John Cena at The Grandest Stage of Them All. On the other hand, Cena has been teasing a match with Logan Paul.

While speaking on Legion of RAW, Vince Russo made it clear that he believes John Cena would be an idiot to put over Austin Theory.


I’m gonna say this right now, if John Cena puts over Austin Theory, he’s an absolute idiot. I’ll tell you that right now, bro. With all due respect, he’s an idiot. Because he’s not putting over a guy that’s over.

Cena could pass the torch and take the big payday… The only problem is none of it is believable… I’m not talking as a shoot here, maybe Austin Theory could beat up John Cena in a fight, I don’t know. I’m talking about a way both of these characters were built. If an Austin Theory all of a sudden beats John Cena, nobody would believe it. He’s not at that level.

WWE’s actual plans could see Cena face Austin Theory at the Show of Shows in the end. We’ll have to wait and see how WWE will book their feud in the coming weeks. If anything, WrestleMania 39 is likely to be a show that nobody will ever forget.

What’s your take on this match for John Cena? Sound off in the comments!

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