Superstars have repeatedly accused WWE of leaving them out of advertising for one reason or another. This seems to be running theme when it comes to divas. The Bella Twins refused to show up for WWE RAW’s 30th Anniversary show, and Saraya spoke out to support them.

The Bella Twins took a shot at WWE in an Instagram live video. They stated that the two female athletes were purposefully left out by the company, referring to Sasha Banks and Paige. Since WWE didn’t plan to honor the Women’s Revolution, the Bella Twins skipped the big Philly show.

Saraya took to Twitter and supported the twins and stated that she loves them. It was a response to the original video in which the Bella Twins threw shade at WWE.

“I love me some @BellaTwins they’re my girls right there!” 


Saraya has been quite busy online advocating for AEW to sign her brother, Zak Zodiac. The siblings are only a year apart and undoubtedly close. This has led them to stick by each other’s side so much, and now she is doing all she can to give Zak the spotlight.

Last week, Saraya took to the stage along with Toni Storm and wreaked havoc. After costing Willow Nightingale the match, the two attacked her. Many people were surprised by this, considering both of the former WWE stars were introduced as important babyfaces.

So, Saraya is making plenty of noise in AEW, and it seems that even her absence is causing a stir in WWE. The same is true for Sasha Banks, who walked out of WWE in May 2022, and she now performs as Mercedes Mone in NJPW.

It will be interesting to see where this event will lead these two. As for the Bella Twins, we’ll have to wait and see if WWE makes up for this. In the meantime, keep checking back with Ringside News for more!

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