Saraya is regarded as one of the most talented and gifted in-ring competitors in the world. The former WWE Divas champion’s contributions to the wrestling industry paved the way for women to get better opportunities. However, Saraya’s journey inside the squared circle began with training with her brother, Zak Knight, and she recently revealed her desire to see him in the Land of All Elite.

Saraya started her training in her father’s promotion, the World Association of Wrestling promotion back in Norwich, England with her entire family. Through the love of wrestling, she and her brother Zak will both closely knitted to each other since childhood.

Zak Knight and Saraya even attended WWE Tryouts together back in the early 2010s. However, it was Saraya who would eventually get signed by WWE, while Zak was left out with a clear message that he would probably never be signed by them. All of that was reenacted during the film, Fighting With My Family.

Despite facing a big rejection along with a brief rift between himself and his sister, Zak Knight dedicated himself to training other wrestlers, while working day and night to himself improve his in-ring acumen.


Saraya, on the other hand, carved out a successful career in WWE. She is currently signed with AEW, arriving in the promotion in September 2022. But the former Anti-Diva recently expressed her desire to see her brother, Zak, signed by Tony Khan to AEW. She responded to a fan’s graphic of her brother and made it clear that he deserves a shot in Tony Khan’s company.

“Definitely would love to see my brother in @AEW well deserved #ZodiacAllElite.”

Saraya recently wrestled her second match in AEW, teaming up with Toni Storm against Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and Jamie Hayter in a losing effort. Looking at her desire, it could be interesting to see both Saraya and Zak onscreen together as a part of All Elite Wrestling.

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