After Sting announced his retirement from professional wrestling during his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech in 2016 fans thought that was the end of The Icon’s wrestling career. The Icon couldn’t hold back his love for pro wrestling, which prompted him to sign onto AEW in 2020. It was there that he formed a mentorship with AEW star Darby Allin. Though he was back in the wrestling business, Sting was only supposed to perform in cinematic matches. His first match would be a Street Fight which was pre-taped for the 2021 Revolution PPV. This would also be Sting’s first match since September 2015, but it wouldn’t be his last.

While Sting had limited himself to cinematic matches only, AEW Double or Nothing was where we finally saw Sting perform in front of a live crowd alongside his protégé Darby Allin. The Icon’s last live match was at the 2015 WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view, where he suffered a neck injury at the hands of Seth Rollins.

While appearing on Hawk vs. Wolf with Tony Hawk, Darby Allin recalled the events leading to The Icon’s big return. He revealed that he suffered an accident while skateboarding, which left him with a knee injury.

“It’s his first live match back in front of an audience, and a week earlier, I was filming some skating down at the Gates of Hell in Phoenix, Arizona. The video I sent you [Hawk] where, I went down, but then hit the crack and flew into the wall, I thought I broke my wrist and kneecap all at once. I’m just laying there in blood. I’m in a red ant hill and shit. I went to Jaws’ [Skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki] house. I was contemplating going to the hospital, but I told Jaws, ‘I’m going to sit in the bathtub for two hours and if I piss blood, I’ll to the hospital, but if I don’t, I won’t go,'” 


Due to Darby Allin’s fear of how this would impact his mentor’s big return, he hid the details of the knee injury. Allin told everyone he suffered the injury during training, but he was unable to fool his mentor. The two shared a humorous moment after Allin showed him how the injury actually occurred.

“It was a week before he made his return on pay-per-view and the whole week, I was limping on my knee and icing it like crazy. I didn’t know how to tell anybody that I flew into a wall skateboarding. It was a pay-per-view and so much riding on this match. I showed up and told everyone that I was training and I smashed my knee. ‘Dude, you’re really messed up.’ I low-key told Sting behind the scenes, ‘What really happened?’ He knows that I’m crazy outside of the ring. I showed him the video and he started laughing. That was pretty stressful,” 

Darby Allin was able to brave through the match, picking up a victory alongside The Icon Sting. It seems the saying “All’s well that end’s well” held true for Allin.

Darby Allin was recently seen in action in Pro Wrestling NOAH last Sunday, where he teamed up with Sting and The Great Muta for The Great Muta Bye-Bye event. The trio were victorious against the team of AKIRA, Hakushi & Naomichi Marufuji. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

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