WWE is celebrating 30 years of Monday Night RAW tonight. Triple H and his team reportedly have huge surprises in store for the WWE Universe. One such surprise kicked off the show.

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“RAW is XXX” kicked off to the entrance music of Hulk Hogan. Jimmy Hart came out first. The charismatic manager was followed by The Hulkster who entered to a standing ovation.

The Immortal One wore both his Hulkmania and nWO colors for the opening segment. Hogan welcomed the Philly crowd to the show while his mic gave him trouble.


#HulkHogan‘s mic just dropped the leg on him #WWERAW #RAWXXX #RAWISXXX

Corey Graves noted someone should give Hogan a new mic. Thankfully, someone did hand the Hulkster a new mic so that he could cut his promo without further interruptions.

Hulk Hogan talked about the history of the red brand. He namedropped the Philadelphia Eagles and the crowd popped big time for their home team. Check out the full segment here:

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