Jade Cargill made an incredible impact after debuting in AEW and enjoyed a strong booking last year. As the reigning AEW TBS Women’s Champion, Cargill commands a level of respect and dominance that the women’s locker room can hardly match up to. With her bold promos and undefeated streak, Cargill is a priceless asset for AEW. In the end, she really wants to make her boss, Tony Khan, happy. After all, he is the man who signs her paychecks.

In April 2019, Jade Cargill attended a WWE tryout at the Performance Center in Orlando. Unfortunately, Cargill failed to land developmental contract with WWE. She then made her professional wrestling debut with AEW on the November 11th, 2020, episode of Dynamite, and the rest is history.

During an appearance on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Jade Cargill revealed advice she received from WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry upon entering the wrestling industry.

“I think the experience I got at the tryout gave me a lot of insights. Mark Henry gave me a lot of advice like, ‘Go up to people, ask for advice, be kind, ask what can you do, clean up after, shake everybody’s hand. When they talk, you shut up.’ I understood that from playing basketball and having someone take lead, and I think that me being an athlete prior helped me in so many different ways and directions with respect, and just being able to go out there and dominate in the ways that I have.”


Alongside her mounting success, Jade Cargill also has to deal with a lot of unwanted criticism. Seeing a newcomer reach this level of success so quickly often leads to jealousy and causes colleagues to believe that she jumped the line in Tony Khan’s company.

“When I came into AEW and won the belt, I don’t think anybody would’ve liked that. I just came in out of nowhere. These other girls have been grinding on the indies for years. They have a fanbase. They’ve given a lot of their time and work and all this kind of body to this sport, and here I am coming in, and I look good. It’s like, alright, you’re being shot to the top right now, but at the end of the day, yeah, people can say it and feel the way they feel, but that’s a lot on my shoulder now. Because I’ve been given a belt, and I’ve been put in a position that—let’s be real—I wasn’t ready for. But I know I have to step in these shoes, and I have to go out there and act like everything’s okay, and mentally clear my head, focus, and try to do the best I can do.

Jade Cargill made it clear that she isn’t here to please everyone, and the only person she wishes to satisfy at all times is her boss, Tony Khan.

“I think I’m doing perfectly fine, regardless of how anybody felt in the locker room. The only person I care about pleasing is Tony Khan, that’s it. ‘Hey, boss, you like what you see? Great. Hey, boss, what you want?’ That’s all that matters.”

Jade Cargill’s ongoing TBS Title reign is the longest of any AEW championship at 380 days and counting. Her 48-0 undefeated streak also cemented her status as a fighting champion, while she continues as a featured star for AEW.

What’s your take on Jade Cargill’s strong AEW booking? Would WWE do a better job with her? Sound off in the comments!

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