Baron Corbin is arguably one of the most talented heels in WWE, who knows very well to attract heat from the WWE Universe. He knows pro wrestling history, and has a lot of knowledge about fans nowadays. Recently, he envisioned the fans to be angry today, reminding them of the classic Steve Austin and The Rock angle. After all, a lot of things have changed with pro wrestling and society since those days.

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the two faces of the most popular period in wrestling history, known as the Attitude Era. The two mega stars are known to be their each other’s greatest rivals who defined an important era for the company.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the anti-hero, defying an entire establishment led by Vince McMahon. While The Rock captivated the audience with his exceptional charisma and in-ring talent.

The two popular Attitude Era stars crossed paths on various occasions in their careers. However, current WWE star Baron Corbin reflected on an infamous angle that involved Steve Austin and The Rock during the early 2000s.


The Rock battled the upstart superhero Hurricane on RAW while feuding with Stone Cold Steve Austin during the final chapter of the epic rivalry. Baron Corbin recently reacted to a clip on Twitter of The Hurricane defeating The Rock in one of the biggest upsets in WWE history, thanks to a timely distraction by the Bionic Redneck. Corbin elaborated that the internet fans would be really upset today after reminding them of The Great One’s big loss.

“Today the internet would be mad and say they just buried the rock.”

The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin would then go on to wrestle for the final time against each other at WrestleMania XIX. The Brahma Bull finally defeated his arch-rival, sending him into retirement, and further moving on to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Are you angry seeing The Rock’s embarrassing loss to The Hurricane today? Sound off in the comments!

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