WWE went through massive shake-ups ever since Vince McMahon came back to the company as Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Vince’s return also saw changes in management positions, including letting go of some long-time employees in surprising fashion.

The first major managerial change saw Stephanie McMahon resign from her position as WWE Chairwoman and CEO. Following suit, long-time employees, Stefanie Fiondella and Adam Hopkins, who were Vice Presidents of Communications, were fired apparently by Vince McMahon.

Ringside News was told certain details by a tenured source within WWE about Adam Hopkins’ release. The theory that floated around Titan Tower indicated that WWE wanted to get Hopkins’ severance package to hit during a certain quarter if the company is ready to be sold.

Adam Hopkins served in WWE for the last 25 years and was liked by everyone backstage. Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claimed that Adam worked closely with WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H during his leadership in NXT.


Dave Meltzer further stated that Vince McMahon was the sole perpetrator in firing Adam Hopkins and Stefanie Fiondella. The decision came, despite WWE CEO Nick Khan being responsible for hiring and firing executives.

In theory, when it comes to hirings and firings of executives that was supposed to be the domain of Nick Khan, although both coming the same week that Vince McMahon returned to power led to people believing differently.”

Vince McMahon’s return has already brought significant change in various managerial areas of the company. We will have to wait and see if Vince decides to extend his claws and revamp the creative process of WWE, currently under the regime of Triple H.

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