The Royal Rumble is one of WWE’s biggest Premium Live Events of the year. The show will feature the two Royal Rumble matches, one for the men and one for the women. It seems that fans never know who to expect.

The Royal Rumble match is one of the most interesting contests WWE has to offer. It is so unpredictable and anything can happen, which makes it difficult to predict the winner. That doesn’t stop fans from trying, though. Every year, fans, critics, and former WWE Superstars all try to predict who will win the Royal Rumble match and head to the main event of WrestleMania.

The Royal Rumble match is also known for its fair share of surprise debuts and returns, like AJ Styles’ debut in 2016. Fans also try to speculate who could show up at the Rumble as a surprise entrant.

Fightful Select reports that while several WWE veterans have contacted WWE about making a Royal Rumble appearance, WWE are trying to lean towards what they call “non traditional surprises” instead. This is similar to last year when WWE tried to lean out of NXT names appearing in the Royal Rumble match.


It is also reported that Ronda Rousey wasn’t planned for the Royal Rumble PLE at the time she lost her title despite being scheduled for the show as late as December. For the Women’s Royal Rumble match, WWE is very confident with the new hires and call-ups and how it would play into the Rumble match.

“WWE had some of their sets of meetings to discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble match.

Fightful Select has learned that while several veterans have contacted WWE about making Royal Rumble appearances, WWE was said to have been leaning out of that in some cases in favor of what they call “non traditional surprises.” Unsure of what that meant, creative and producers were soliciting pitches for such a thing. Last year, WWE were adamant in leaning out of NXT names appearing in the Royal Rumble match.

In addition, we’re told that as of last week, Ronda Rousey actually wasn’t planned for the Royal Rumble PPV, at the time she lost the title, which can clearly change. Until December, Rousey was scheduled for the show in a singles match.

In addition we were told that WWE was very confident in their women’s roster as is with the hires and call-ups over the last year, and how it would play into the Royal Rumble match. Last year, WWE had to call in numerous veterans because mass releases led them with a depleted roster. Jason Cade has also been brought in to help with the Royal Rumble, and TJ Wilson will be on hand. Last year, Wilson (Tyson Kidd) wasn’t around and WWE had to bring in Fit Finlay to help,” per Fightful Select.

WWE’s decision to steer away from non-traditional surprises makes things even more interesting. Moreover, this is Triple H’s first Royal Rumble show which means he is going to try his best to put his spin on it. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of the Royal Rumble.

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