One of the most talked about stories in professional wrestling last year was the infamous Brawl Out. The incident resulted in The Elite and CM Punk getting stripped of their respective titles and suspended from the company. It turns out that a WWE return isn’t an impossibility.

While The Elite returned to AEW programming a few months ago, there has been no mention of CM Punk’s return. In fact, there have been rumors regarding Punk’s future with many speculating that the former AEW World Champion could be bought out of his contract.

In the midst of that speculation, there have also been rumors that CM Punk could be headed back to WWE. But, considering the way he left the company, many fans didn’t think it was possible. However, one WWE executive seems to think there might be a possibility of a CM Punk return.

During his Oh You Didn’t know live exclusive, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events Brian “Road Dogg” James revealed that the door is open for a possible Punk return if it was best for business.


He also acknowledge that Punk is “still a draw” and said Punk’s got another run in him because he is a needle mover which is industry talk for he sells a lot of tickets.

“Never say never with these guys. They will give you a second chance. [WWE] will give you an opportunity if it’s business savvy, and bringing him back might be. The reason it might be is because he’s a needle mover.”

CM Punk returning to the WWE would send shockwaves throughout the entire industry and will also send a strong message that WWE’s doors are always open for anyone looking to return as long as they’re a needle mover.

We will have to wait and see if Punk actually considers going back to WWE, considering how much he hated it there. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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