Ric Flair headlined the “Ric Flair’s Last Match” event, which was supposed to be the final contest of his 50-year career. During that match, The Nature Boy teamed with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo to defeat Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett. The 16-time World Champion started begging for another match earlier this month. However, it appears that Flair is finally ready to hang up his boots as he is no longer craving one more match.

On the latest “To Be The Man” podcast, Ric Flair and Conrad Thompson discussed the upcoming RAW 30th-anniversary special show and several other topics. The Nature Boy declared that he no longer wishes to wrestle in this lifetime.

“I don’t know why they keep saying I’m begging for another match. What I have said to you repeatedly is I wish I could redo that match. I’m not begging for another match. I don’t want to wrestle again. I have no desire. I wish I had that match to do over again is what I’ve said repeatedly.”

Ric Flair also addressed Stephanie McMahon’s resignation from WWE. The Billion Dollar Princess quit the company following Vince McMahon’s return to WWE’s Board Of Directors. Mr. McMahon is currently serving as the Executive Chairman Of Board.


“Yes, and actually disappointed. I like Stephanie a lot. I just put up a tweet yesterday. She is one of the 10 best heels in the history of the business. Phenomenal heel. I have no problem saying that. I mean, I thought it out and I shot that over to her with a smiley face, but she’s that damn good man. She was. I mean, obviously she was a phenomenal ambassador. I mean, I know that Ashley and all the girls and all the work with the others think the world of her.”

Ric Flair started his professional wrestling career with American Wrestling Association in 1972. In August 1991, Flair signed with WWF. With a career legendary spanning over 50 years, Ric Flair has worked for several promotions across the globe.

During the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of his debut in professional wrestling on September 26th, 2022, Ric Flair announced that he would never retire. However, it appears that The Nature Boy is finally willing to ride off into the sunset.

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