WWE management has great initiative of bringing talented superstars from their developmental territory, NXT, to main roster tapings, at times it gives them big-league exposure as they prepare for their call-up in the future. It is being reported that two NXT superstars are backstage for tonight’s RAW, which could give them some great experience in the ring.

WWE NXT superstars Odyssey Jones and Von Wagner were backstage last week on RAW and worked the main event tapings that evening. Jones picked up the win over Akira Tozawa, while Wagner suffered a defeat at the hands of Mustafa Ali.

Much like last week, it is being reported that another pair of NXT superstars are backstage on RAW this week as well. The superstars, possibly expected to work the WWE Main Event taping are Zoey Stark and Charlie Dempsey.

Zoey Stark is one of the top prospects of the NXT women’s division and Charlie Dempsey is the son of WWE Legend William Regal. While Dempsey has a four-match win streak to his name, Stark has reigned as a two-time NXT Women’s tag team champion.


WWE NXT’s recent pay-per-view, New Year’s Evil, saw Zoey Stark fail to win the 20-Woman Battle Royal to earn a shot at the NXT Women’s Title. Charlie Dempsey, on the other hand, scored his fourth victory by defeating Hank Walker using the Regal Stretch, his father’s signature submission move, on NXT last week.

It looks like WWE will continue their trend of bringing NXT superstars for main roster appearances in the coming weeks as well. Moreover, it will be exciting to see Zoey Stark and Charlie Dempsey in action on tonight’s WWE Main Event tapings.

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