The landscape of WWE was turned upside down with the return of the Vince McMahon. The Chairman’s re-emergence has been the topic of discussion for weeks, however, Vince has still not made his presence felt at the office or around WWE shows.

Vince McMahon’s shockingly announced his retirement from WWE back in July 2022. This came amidst McMahon facing sexual allegations and hush money scandals. That was enough to keep him away from the wrestling world.

The Chairman of the Board decided to venture back to the global juggernaut recently, and he was reinstated onto the WWE Board of Directors, in an attempt to pursue the sale of his business. Moreover, Vince McMahon’s return became official with the resignation of Stephanie McMahon as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO, with him taking over as Executive Chairman.

Despite his return, Vince McMahon is yet to start working in the WWE environment. According to a new report by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince has not been around the WWE office or television tapings since his comeback.


“For now, McMahon has not been to the office nor at television. The fear in some places that McMahon will maneuver himself back to running the company or heading creative, and be in charge of hiring and firing is not the case today. That doesn’t mean things won’t change.”

Credits: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As we previously noted, Nick Khan is now making all the day-to-day decisions for WWE. He is also acting as the company’s only CEO after Stephanie McMahon’s resignation.

Although the purpose of Vince McMahon’s return is reported to be to arrange strategic deals and pursue the sale of WWE, there is fear looming around backstage that Vince might insert himself in various key areas of the company. Of course, that can lead to major alterations in the current working environment of WWE. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more.

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