Dax Harwood is one of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers of this generation. He along with Cash Wheeler, collectively known as FTR, are among the top tag teams in AEW. That being said, Harwood recently ruffled some feathers with comments on his podcast. Dax recently acknowledged the heat in AEW over his positive comments about CM Punk.

On the first episode of his podcast, Dax Harwood defended CM Punk in huge way, which not many people were happy about. He also addressed upsetting people with his takes last week. Harwood made it clear that he is okay with upsetting people.

Dax Hardoowd discussed a variety of topics on the most recent episode of FTR podcast. Harwood first talked about hearing that certain people in AEW don’t appreciate what he stated on his previous podcast. People in the AEW locker room were unhappy with Dax’s positive comments about CM Punk, but Harwood had a level-minded way of looking at things.

Of course, I’ve heard about it. Everybody’s tweeting me and texting me and that’s all I read. Yeah, apparently some people in the AEW lock room were unhappy with my podcast, and that’s okay if they were.


But to me, it’s funny that, you know, I talked to you, I told you even before this stuff got out, I told you I had at the very least 20 text messages from the guys and girls that I work with who told me how much they love the podcast and how much they enjoyed my thoughts and feelings and how I expressed wrestling. They also enjoy the fact that I didn’t play either side and that I just told the truth.

So for some of the people that are upset with me, I wonder why they’re upset because all I did was paint a company that I’m in love with, or that I believe in, in a positive light. All I did was paint a few people that were in the news in a positive light. Because at the core, I believe that they all are good people. But I guess some people weren’t happy that I was maybe expressing the true human being that CM Punk is, or maybe they were unhappy that I was expressing the true human beings that The Young Bucks or Kenny or whoever was. Maybe that’s it too.

Dax Harwood’s latest podcast episode created a lot of buzz within the company. He also said that The Young Bucks should be on the Mount Rushmore of Tag Team Wrestling. However, his opinion didn’t seem to get around within the company. That being said, Harwood’s podcast has certainly gained steam since its debut.

We will have to see what happens next in this situation, but it’s interesting how CM Punk can cause a controversy just by having someone say nice things about him. Keep an eye on Ringside News for more.

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